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    N600 solar mini book lights

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    N600 is a compact and powerful solar lamp, solar charger, charger filling a electric sustainable bright for more than 12 hours, suitable for home emergency lighting, outdoor emergency lighting, students, and in rural areas, products with the most efficient lithium polymer battery.
    • Description
    certification: CE,ROHS
    solar panel: poly- silicon 5V/80mA
    battery :Li-Poly 3.7V/400mA Machine board take charge over discharge protection
    LED :3PCS
    switching :hand control
    materials: ABS
    charge way :Solar energy charge,USB charge
    charging time: Solar energy charge≥6H,USB charge≥1H
    illumination time :〉12H(charged conditions)
    box: Blister + color card
    size: 42mm* 11mm* 235mm
    Packing: 500*400*260mm
    weight :about 0.05KG

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