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    Professional Solar Lamp Manufacturer

    Intelligent remote control solar alarm

    New upgrade four gear belt remote control function :24 hours sensing sound and light alarm +24 hours silent alarm + night mode (no induction during the day, dark sensing sound and light alarm) + night flash silent alarm mode, wireless remote control function any long press 5 seconds can be shut down (wireless remote control standby).

    Solar Flame Lamp

    A-level polycrystalline silicon laminated solar panel, 3.7V/1200mAH lithium battery, 5 brightness modes:Mode1:High light with flickering flame>10 hours;
    Mode2:Dim light with flickeing flame >24 hours; Mode3:Breathing lighting >8 hours; Mode4:Continuous lighting >3 hours;   Mode5: Flash lighting >12 hours;
    Can be inserted, wall mounted, stigma mounted, can be used as a desk lamp, suitable for use in many places

    Solar music Lights

    Exclusive design, simple appearance, application for outdoor use .The product use ABS material , anti-aging, solid and durable.Anti-aging PET  high-efficiency MONO silicon solar panel
    Charged by solar cell, zero power consumption, no pollution.Intelligent light control function, automatically turn on in night & turn off in day time.
    Lighting Mode: Dual -color (pure white ,warm white) Sound:  frog & cricket call + Chrismas music(Customizable music)


    Ruocin is professional manufacture export solar light for Europe,Asian,African,USA ,Australian.African ,Southeast Asia is mainmarket .We desigin and prouct patnet product in China by different country ,different village ,different home .
    Solar product include :wall light ,garden light ,solar system ,street lgiht ,portable light ,decorative light .those product all are carhged solar emergency light for short electrical  village,poor kids for a eyes .
    Our aim is add the lgiht to everywhere .one lihging cnage every eyes and dark.

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