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    Professional Solar Lamp Manufacturer

    Intelligent infrared solar alarm

    High-power loud speaker,volume adjustable
    3 working modes
    Max 20 seconds recording repeatedly
    Solar engrgr / DC charge
    Keep away animals,thieves,and home security

    Solar doorplate lamp

    DIY the number you want
    White / Warm light color mode
    Color light mode ( Auto color changing/Static color )

    Solar Wall Lamp

    1. Solar Panel: Polysilicon 2V*130mAH
    2. Light Source:
        Dual (2-color) *6 pcs warm/pure white LED ( 8 working modes)
        7 color change *6 pcs RGBW SMD ( 5 working modes)
       Flame light type: 6PCS orange color LED (1 working
    3. Waterproof: IP55
    4. Material: ABS
    5. Charge time: >8H
    6. Work time: >8H
    7. Battery: Ni-MH AAA 1.2V*600mAH

    Intelligent remote control solar alarm

    New upgrade four gear belt remote control function :24 hours sensing sound and light alarm +24 hours silent alarm + night mode (no induction during the day, dark sensing sound and light alarm) + night flash silent alarm mode, wireless remote control function any long press 5 seconds can be shut down (wireless remote control standby).

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